I have a hamster

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It is now official folks: I am desperate to get better at playing the bass guitar. Yesterday, F.I.A.D. (fish in a dish) met up with a dude from another University and literally renewed our spirits to improve our technique, musicality and groove. Hopefully, with enough practice, jamming and listening, everything'll click. As for now, my bass is calling me to practice.

p.s. Mr. "Sunny Day" is stuck in an unlucky spell today. Wish him luck.... I think.

Yours Fishfully,

Little Fish

Monday, December 28, 2009

First Week of Winter Break

Sad isn't it, how we look forward to go on vacation throughout the whole semester, and when the time finally comes, you're bored out of your mind and can't wait for the semester to start. Sad isn't it, how we look forward to spend the entire break in bed, with a box of chocolates, bottles of water and a laptop catching up on all the movies that you missed throughout the year, but when the time finally comes, you're stuck in an office, somewhat reluctantly (although you volunteered for it), typing away rows and rows of student directories on excel. If it wasn't for my friends, I would probably morph into a sack of potatoes, because that'll be a heck of a lot more interesting than what I'm currently doing..

Damn, that's one heck of a pessimistic first post...

On a more cheerful side, we went bowling on Christmas night, and it was bowl-in-the-dark night. If you can't bowl for your life, but love how the ball randomly moves from one side to the other; hoping you'll hit at least 5 pins, then you'll absolutely love bowling in the dark. There's something eerily exciting about doing things in the dark - the way your glowing white shirt makes you look like you're an alien from outer space, the way the spinning disco ball makes you feel like you're high on pot, the way your neon bowling ball rolls straight into the gutter. Sheer magic. :). We went back home, wanted to have some more fun..... can anyone say Karaoke? (hey, it is Christmas right?). Dozens of songs, and a gazillion giggles later (i.e. 5:30am) we went to sleep, (now with an uber-croaky voice a la Darth Vader).

Quick word of advice - when bowling with a group of friends, it's not so much the score that you get, but rather the stupid, random crazy things that you only do when you're with your good buddies that really matters.

Yours fishfully,

Little Fish