I have a hamster

Monday, January 17, 2011


Hey fish friends,

Does anybody have a vacuum cleaner I can borrow? Because my blog is getting dusty and I sorta need to clean it. (cue for kick drums, snare and crash cymbals)

Yeap, it's been ages since I last updated this poor excuse for a blog. I'll be honest, I actually came really close to writing about something a few times before, but it ended up being a twitter status instead. Twitter is sooo much fun. I can just write whatever that comes to mind, without worrying about paragraphs, and structure and flow and all that funky stuff that you have to think about when you're writing a blogpost. So to all of you bloggers out there who regularly update your blogs, i tip my hat to you sir/maam - you're awesome :)

Anyways, the main reason for my post today (oh I should probably mention that i'm doing this at 1:05am. because I feel like it.) is all because of this baby right here:

Forgive me for sounding like a little kid who just got a bazooka for Christmas, but hey, that's exactly how I felt like unboxing my little baby. :). Also in the video is an underwear commercial. Let's see if you can spot what I'm talking about. (hee~)

Now, you and I both know that every new equipment will be subjected to tests. So, here are a couple of random shots I took with my camera mounted onto the tripod:

(oooo ghost)

(no camera gear test is complete without the mandatory action figure shot. courtesy of Sani. of course :P.)
(shot at f/1.8)

(same composition as above, except shot at f/22. with a blistering shutter speed of 3...seconds!)

(in case you were wondering, it's a Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod with a 498RC2 head. I just absolutely love saying that really fast. It makes you sound so..... cool and...... awesome.....yeah)

That's it for now folks. I'm thinking of doing a couple more test shots tomorrow. Maybe. We'll see. :P


Yours Fishfully,

Little Fishy