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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Closing Time

A couple of things that I want to share di keheningan malam:

1. Age is just a number. Personal belief states that you should never feel that you are too old to be doing anything, or in some cases, too young to be doing something. You should not feel that you have to be 50+ years old and retired to start regularly going to the mosque, or you should not feel that since you're 50+ years old, you are too old to be skydiving (unless you have a heart problem. please don't skydive if you have a heart problem.). Life is too short for you to be worrying about age.

Of course, this by no means justifies you doing stupid shit that harms other people, while you scream "YOLO". For example, throwing water balloons at random passing cars. YOLO. ........yes...... thuper

2. Aini punya cupcakes power gile. Tak sempat nak tangkap gambar dah habis mamam. Well done bebeh. =D

3. I just purchased a lens which cost approx. $1k USD. Some people might think that "mamat ni, senang2 je abis duit. bukannya nak saving". But as Syun so eloquently put it "buy what you want, when you want"..... sort of... Actually I have been seriously thinking about this purchase for at least one year. I investigated every possible pros and cons regarding the lens, reflected on what type of photography I enjoy doing, and I just pretty much felt that this is what I need to take my photog skills to the next level. Trust me when I say this, splurging on this was not an easy thing to do by any means, but I am absolutely positive I won't live to regret this purchase :) Plus, I think that this lens will last me for at least 6-7 years (maybe longer) if I take good care of it. Some people enjoy buying clothes, some people like to eat, some people like buying handbags. I like to buy photo gear. To each his/her own. *shrugs*. Long term investment -> satisfaction in taking photos -> win.

4. Another positive outcome of my (borderline on OCD) research on Canon lenses - if you think you want to purchase a new lens, but you're not sure which you want to get, feel free to ask me, and I am more than happy to help nudge you in the right direction. A motivated photographer -> a happy photographer -> a happier world -> win.


"That's all I have to say about that" - Forrest Gump


Yours fishfully,

El Fishvilla

p.s. I wrote this post in about 6 mins, with minimal edits. Unprecedented, considering how long I normally take to write even 1 single paragraph. lulz.

p.p.s Sorry no pics. Too. Effing. Lazy