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Monday, June 20, 2011

This post is not relevant to you. So don't bother reading it.


This is a "'suka-hati-aku-lah-nak-tulis-ape" kinda post. Kalau salah grammar ke ape ke, whatever lah. aku tak peduli. I just feel like typing something, even though I am absolutely sure it will be pointless, and will not make sense at all, because I think that lately I've been having way too many things circulating inside my head, without any way to express it.

I don't know when I've started feeling like this, but it seems nowadays i'm becoming quite the pessimist. You know, "the glass is half empty" sort of person, who thinks that behind every door lies failure, and more dissappointment. yeah. Sometimes I feel like kalau aku ni orang luar and aku baca twitter aku tuh, I would think that I'm a person with suicidal tendencies. Morose, melancholic. bla bla. fuck my life. that kinda person. lol.

Padehal aku rasa dulu aku ok je. Rasenye kalau kat skola, I'll be the one yang selalu cam happy go lucky, ape nak jadi-jadilah, kinda person. Tapi tak taw kenapa sekarang nih, asyik down je keje. Tanpa sebab. Lawak ah. It's like aku naik this basikal, and then tgh turun downhill tgh laju gile babi. adrenaline rush. fun fun fun fun. tibe2, aku break, then pusing and instead of turun downhill laju2, aku gi naik uphill balik. sbb.....ntah. saje nak peluh2 nak kayuh basikal kasi penat kot. lol.

I'm the type of person yang sebenarnye tak suka tunjuk real emotions. (well except for some situations lah kan). And yet, ironically here I am writing about my emotions. funny. Maybe korang tgk aku ni kat luar happy je, banyak cakap, gelak cam sial, sakat2 orang etc2.. But honestly deep inside, bila time aku dah stop cakap and stop having brainless conversations with people, (brainless conversations are fun) and bile aku sorg2, aku rasa kosong. Emotionless. Macam lately I'm not sure who to talk to. Sebab aku takde masalah luaran ape2 yang major pun. Tapi aku still rasa down. Depressed for some reason. wtfblanket tol. tak make sense. lol. It's like right now the reason why I'm not telling anyone how I feel, is because I'm not sure what I'm feeling. fucking pelik sial.

and sometimes, I also get this feeling cam orang2 around me are all like puppets. or robots. somewhere along that line.
But yeah, now that I've typed all that shit out, I think I can say that right now, I just feel like one foreveralone bastard, who no one gives a crap about. yeap. that's how I feel. haha.

Which concludes today's entry.

Sorry for being morose and sad and depressing... ..no wait, why should I be apologizing on my own damn blog...... yeah, so... i take it back. I'm not sorry. lol. wait...

this is fucking confusing.

I want my double rainbow now. Gotta think happy thoughts.

Pelik kan aku ni? lol.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Hey fish friends,

Does anybody have a vacuum cleaner I can borrow? Because my blog is getting dusty and I sorta need to clean it. (cue for kick drums, snare and crash cymbals)

Yeap, it's been ages since I last updated this poor excuse for a blog. I'll be honest, I actually came really close to writing about something a few times before, but it ended up being a twitter status instead. Twitter is sooo much fun. I can just write whatever that comes to mind, without worrying about paragraphs, and structure and flow and all that funky stuff that you have to think about when you're writing a blogpost. So to all of you bloggers out there who regularly update your blogs, i tip my hat to you sir/maam - you're awesome :)

Anyways, the main reason for my post today (oh I should probably mention that i'm doing this at 1:05am. because I feel like it.) is all because of this baby right here:

Forgive me for sounding like a little kid who just got a bazooka for Christmas, but hey, that's exactly how I felt like unboxing my little baby. :). Also in the video is an underwear commercial. Let's see if you can spot what I'm talking about. (hee~)

Now, you and I both know that every new equipment will be subjected to tests. So, here are a couple of random shots I took with my camera mounted onto the tripod:

(oooo ghost)

(no camera gear test is complete without the mandatory action figure shot. courtesy of Sani. of course :P.)
(shot at f/1.8)

(same composition as above, except shot at f/22. with a blistering shutter speed of 3...seconds!)

(in case you were wondering, it's a Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod with a 498RC2 head. I just absolutely love saying that really fast. It makes you sound so..... cool and...... awesome.....yeah)

That's it for now folks. I'm thinking of doing a couple more test shots tomorrow. Maybe. We'll see. :P


Yours Fishfully,

Little Fishy