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Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Song (Song Title Still Undecided)

First big news of 2010 for the F.I.A.D. crew: we've finally completed 80% of our first song. There are still some parts of the song that could do with a little bit of modification, but overall, the parts for lead, rhythm, bass and drums are more or less finalized.

I would probably say that our first venture into song writing sounds something like a cross between Bunkface, Bullet for my Valentine (without the screamo), Dir En Grey/L'Arc-en-Ciel with a hint of Coldplay.

The next logical step would be: write lyrics, insert vocals and clean up on the song delivery. Since we want the lyrics to be catchy and yet MEANINGFUL, this part will likely take a considerable amount of time. (note: emphasis on the word Meaningful, because as of late, more and more bands are going with the whole "catchy beat and catchy rhythm ftw.... who the f*** cares about the lyrics anyways....." approach to creating a song, which to me, is a disgrace to the the art of song writing. If you're gonna write a song, don't do a half-a**ed job of it by writing sloppy, thoughtless lyrics...agreed?)

I will post the song up as soon as I am able to.

Yours Fishfully,

Little Fish

p.s. If anyone has any ideas for our song title, feel free to leave your suggestions down below. Thanks