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Monday, July 26, 2010

Of Queues and Ethics

Something happened today which sort of irritated me to an extent, that I felt compelled to post it in this blog.

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Let's start with a definition of a word.

No, it's not one of those big, scary, words that cause you to shriek, hide underneath the covers and violently tremble in fear upon hearing them, because they're...well...they're big and scary.

It's a rather common word, that I'm sure most of us have heard at least a dozen times in our life.

Here goes. 1.2.3.

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There. That wasn't so bad now was it?

Now I say "most of us have heard it" because I realized today that, apparently, people fall into either one of these 4 categories

1. Heard of the word and know the meaning.
2. Heard of the word but don't know the meaning.
3. Never heard of the word before.
4. Carrots.

So allow me to enlighten you on the magical word known as "queue".

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Queue (as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary):

2 : a waiting line especially of persons or vehicles

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And in case you folks were wondering what a queue looks like:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Queueing, in most countries is regarded as a sign of respect and courtesy and also reflects upon the person's upbringing in the unwritten laws of human ethics.To an extreme extent, by queueing in a foreign land, you're not only showcasing your own personal level of maturity, you're also acting as a mini-ambassador for your own respective nations, providing to the onlookers, a small glimpse of the level of "development" of your native homeland.

Note that, "jumping a queue", is not considered queuing. On the contrary, it has the exact opposite effect of queueing whereby an abundance of "evil eyes" and "snarling faces" and thoughts of "This guy's a douche bag!" will be provided on platters of dishes served cold.

Obviously, being the good and angelic people that you are, you wouldn't want that happening to you right?

Make this world a better place. Queue.

Yours Fishfully,

Little Fishy.


just in case you prefer things to be explained in another language. Like...... in....pfft.... I don't know.... Malay?. Here's a quick recap: Fahamilah sistem beratur. Tolonglah beratur selalu. Jangan jadi beg doosh yang suka merumitkan hidup orang lain. Terima Kasih.

Yang Benar,

Ikan Kecil

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