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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quotes of the Day: Day 1

YM: "i am the eggman. you are the eggman. i am the walrus. koo koo katchoo."

YM: "I need a distraction. Now."

YM: "for tomorrow's exams i want to answer "I cannot answer this question, as it is against my religious principles" for a question tomorrow, let's test professor wittig's sense of humor. :P"

(I'm in a random-ish sort of mood today. Hence, my random status)

Since this is the first part of the series, I thought i'd share what my teacher posted on my facebook wall. It's too long for a yahoo messenger or facebook status. So this is probably the best place for me to post it.

"To do all that you want to do does not always require wealth...
Just truck loads of passion,
extra in-built hours,
an unquenchable desire to educate yourself,
a bottomless pit of sacrifice and,
a work smart attitude,
(These things) will drive you in the direction of your dreams...
Be the kind of man the mirror likes to see...
any mirror...
not the ones that give you flattering looks only -
but that of a strong, brave, God-loving,
multi-talented, multi-faceted
and dependable guy whom all will believe in.
Before you know it,
you wil be self-driven and your dreams for yourself will eventuate =)
Providence' way of telling you:
your time is here to do what you desire
and make the Man you want to see in yourself
and be to others."

I leave it open to your interpretation.

Yours Fishfully,

Little Fishy

p.s. muse's awesome influence strikes again, as I am once again hooked to one helluva song, in "Resistance". I've been repeating this song on my media player playlist for a while. Right now, I feel like making a cover with me on bass, lead, drums, synth and piano. Tamak much? I know, but it's just one of those things that I just absolutely have to do. Enjoy: