I have a hamster

Saturday, April 17, 2010


We jammed yesterday. By we, I mean our band, Black Forest Mocha. Friday nights at 12:00 midnight are our routine practice sessions. They usually go up to 2:30am. Then it's off to the common grounds to get some grub to fill some empty stomachs.

Oh yes, and every time we jam together, someone is always "anjing-ed". (If that's even a word. :P). By someone, I mean....... well, names aren't all that important anyways. I think if you know me, you can figure out who that person is ;)

Last night was no exception.

We had a good solid 2 hour jam session, ran through our setlist for an upcoming performance - senior farewell party. It was really after that jam session, that we had the most fun.

Coming up with new types of food:


Masak Lemak Zaki
Mee Goreng Zaki
Zaki Masak Kicap
3 shelled zaki omelette, extra cheese, extra Zaki

and coming up with new movie titles:


Zaki Kong
Star Wars EP II : Attack of the Zaki
The day after Zaki
Lord of the Zakis
Clash of the Zakis
Hairy Zaki and the Prisoner of Zakigaban


Life is Wonderful ain't it?

p.s. oops. I kinda let the names slip now didn't I?

Yours Fishfully,

Little Fishy


  1. lol.... haha.. sure.. no problem. Damn cute right the hamster. Why don't you get a chatbox?

  2. good idea. i think i'll do that.