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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A feeling I feel when I feel like feeling the feeling I felt before

I had dinner tonight with my family +guests.

Menu: Spanish chicken w/side salad. Absoballylutely delicious.

According to my Umi, it's a pretty easy dish to prepare, so she thought of showing me how to make it earlier this evening. (nanti kat US boleh buat untuk kawan *wink wink*). But alas, I had other plans.


watching Lagenda Budak Setan.
good news = it cost me 5 ringgits for the movie which is dirt-effin-cheap.
bad news = kecewa ngan movie. it was like a headless chicken driving a ferrari on a Malaysian highway; recipe for instant failure)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Later that evening: 10pm. Had a few drinks....of teh o' ais limau at Awwal Maju, while watching Spain vs. Switzerland. Great Atmosphere. Great Company. As for the match.....

Final Score:

Swiss 1 - 0 Spain

bottom line: kecewa ngan Spain.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

It's now 2 am. I think i've had a pretty mengecewakan day. Nasib baik dinner was top notch. Nak tido...

Yours Fishfully,

Little Fishy


  1. i just read the review for lagenda budak setan. mmg letdown pun (according to the reviews la. hehe)

    as for spain, i am left speechless. pffft.

  2. ok james i just discovered ur blog. lol.

    interesting kut ko describe how bad lagenda budak setan is. and berjaya convince aku utk TAK tengok. tq for saving my money. lol

  3. haha. seriously, that was how I felt. damn dissapointed. shaits.

    glad I could be of some help. ;). haha