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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Digital Memories

After my long self-imposed blogging hiatus, (mostly due to the increased workload this semester compared to my previous 2 semesters) I suddenly felt the sudden urge to post something about my current hobby, or better yet, my current obsession - photography.

Without further ado, allow me to show you a couple of nice shots from my camera:


1. Modern Samurai (a.k.a. nuyS):

Why I like it: The clear blue skies, and the priceless expression.

2. ME! (Full credits goes to Adzrin for taking this shot):

Why I like it: The expression on both of our faces - the kid afraid of falling, and me reliving childhood memories.

3. Oo-la-light:

Why I like it: Well this was a shot I took while waiting for my food to be served at PF Changs. I decided to do some experimenting with manual mode, and took a photo of the lamp right above our table. Well let's just say this shot served as an eye opener to me on the world of manual dslr setting, and since then I've been shooting 90% in manual mode, with the occasional stop over in Aperture mode.


Ok, since it is sooo annoyingly hard to upload photos on blogspot.com, I think I'll call it a day. Need to start doing my ENGM assignment.

Until we meet again,

Yours Fishfully,

Little Fishy.

edit: blogspot is a bitchy flip flop. for some reason it won't allow me to post the full length of the image. so please right click on the image>view in new tab to see it in all its glory. gaaahhh.

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  1. wuwu, suker aperture mode jugak :D
    manual, eerr, x bley lg. kuh3